1. All ad copy to be supplied by client two weeks prior to going to press at the latest to avoid extra €150 charge
  2. If we are making up ad copy from client supplied material, we will send it back for final approval. If we do not receive changes within 48hrs we will deem this proofed and send to print. We will not be held responsible for any errors or misprints.  If Ad copy is supplied made up and ready to print it will be deemed proofed & not be sent back for final approval. Devlin Media will not make any changes to the advert without written permission from the client as this infringes copyright law.
  3. Payments must be paid 21 days of receipt of invoice (any discounts given on rate card will not apply if payments are not made in our agreed CREDIT terms) rates are as follows:
    • Double Page Spread (DPS) €3,200 + vat

    • Full page 2500.00 + vat

    • Half page €1750.00 + vat

THIS WILL STRICTLY APPLY TO ALL ADVERTISERS please pay within our credit terms to avail of our generous discounts.

  1. If for any unusual or unforeseen reason you cannot make payment within our credit terms, please notify our credit control department in writing within 14 days and we will review each case on an individual basis and afford extra credit if needed.
  2. If you request any more than 2 voucher copies a charge of €2.00 euro plus post and package will apply on a prepaid basis.
  3. If any material supplied to Devlin Media for ad copy is deemed offensive, inaccurate or in any way misleading to the public we use our rights not to publish this material and simply will not publish the advert. An administration charge of €200 will apply.
  4. Any ad copy designed by Devlin Media will be owned in full by Devlin Media (all copyright to that advert) and will not be released until we are fully paid for publishing and producing the advert. Any request to supply other publishing houses must be made in writing and an administration fee of €50.00 will apply.
  5. If you cannot supply ad copy, we can make up advert from material from your website there will be extra €200 charge.
  6. If ad copy is not supplied 2 weeks prior to going to press (3 weeks in the case of Public Sector Awards) and we cannot reach you, we will use most recent ad copy on file. (In the case of Public Sector Awards we will use most recent ad copy, editorial and photo)
  7. Cancellations can only be made within strictly 14 days of booking (in writing to the sales rep) and a charge of 30% booking cost will apply. A cancellation confirmation will be sent to the client informing of your decision after the cancellation request and 30% cancellation fee is paid (OTHERWISE THE BOOKING WILL PROCEED AND WILL NOT BE CANCELLED AND ADVERT/EDITORIAL WILL BE PUBLISHED. Cancellations CANNOT be accepted after that after the 14-day cooling off period.
  8. Our terms and conditions are updates will be published on our website.